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The scope of Livewerkz

LiveWerkz’s Scope

We’ve proudly partnered with ID&T (co-creators of EDM landmark music festivals, Tomorrowland and Mysteryland) to deliver a unique experience at every event organized. Our passion and devotion to the live entertainment experience is what continues to keep us at the forefront. We aim to engage, captivate and create amazing experiences for all our audiences worldwide.

The Jewel

Our Specialty

Regardless of the event’s magnitude, our team provides the full range of skills and expertise needed to carry out each operation. From a compact travelling attraction in a retail mall to large scale theme park development, we know the in’s and the out’s of the industry and use that to our advantage for each project.

Our partnership with ID&T ensures we always provide a remarkable experience at every event organized. We keep our clients coming back year after year because they know we can be trusted to consistently deliver quality services.

To Offer

The LiveWerkz Experience

We make it a point to deliver unforgettable performances driven by imagination and positivity to our audience, sparking exciting moments around every new encounter. This is made possible through our Event Logistics, Production, Management, Digital Marketing and Content Creation.

We fine-tune with

Innovative Solutions

We don’t chase the next up and coming trends, we carefully curate memorable environments that are timeless. We can help any events smoothly launch and book some of the biggest celebrities today to attend, all while getting you through the logistics and planning involved with establishing successful entertainment events.

Our values when approaching any project is what sets us apart – supporting stakeholders and vendors, working with integrity, leading with passion, encouraging unity, welcoming diversity and being accountable to team members, patrons and partners alike.

High-end Live Experiences

LiveWerkz’s Events

Our events are financial successes, facilitated by immense growth and profitability, driven by escalating ticket prices and the desirability to attend high-end live experiences. This financial success has created a world of possibility for investors who are keen to invest in this sector.

About Us

Business Strategy


In all our events, we introduce and integrate in the concept of Total Immersion Experience (TIE) — a highly innovative idea in entertainment with immense prospects for exponential growth. This unique form of experience ensures the full experiential submergence for our visitors in the events that they attend. We bring in multiple fringe and complementary activities and delivers more than expectations, under promise and over deliver.


Despite being known as one continent- Asia, each country has a different flair and specialty to them which makes them distinct from one another. Despite the market differentiations throughout Asia, LiveWerkz’ entertainment events are bound to set the festival ground ablaze, melting down all geographical and cultural boundaries into one festive experience. To ensure our festivals travel worldwide, we place emphasis on understanding these differences while catering to the needs of both local and global markets at the same time.


Depending on the space, venue or client requirements, we are able to effectively scale our festivals accordingly for all cities across the globe, regardless of size, complexity, demographics and appreciation of live entertainment.

Awesome Personnel

LiveWerkz Partners


Memberships & Accolades

We are the receivers of SME100 Fast Moving Companies and SME500 Singapore awards. For the SME100 Fast Moving Companies Award, Livewerkz was selected from a pool of participants in Southeast Asia, we are recognised as one of the fastest, most successful and trustworthy SMEs in the region. Livewerkz was awarded the SME500 Singapore Award for its contribution towards Singapore’s GDP.