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Be Eco-Friendly at Music Festivals

Many people would want to join in the fun with amazing music, a lot of dancing, and singing, and plenty of wonderful vibes because who wouldn’t? However, the enjoyment of festivals comes at a cost to the environment. Bigger events produce tons of rubbish and that causes to affect our environment. But there are many ways how to avoid this and help the environment while partaking in the music festival.  


Now is the time to make music festivals more enjoyable and at the same time, sustainable! 


Ride in a more environmentally friendly mode of transportation 


Consider using a more environmentally-friendly form of transportation as you head to the venue. Festival organizers offer shuttles to and from nearby train or coach stations. Riding a train is significantly more eco-friendly than flying. Car sharing or carpools is also an option if you are traveling with your friends because it will help you save money and fuel. Many events offer bookable buses from adjacent cities, you can do some research on their website or ask the organizers.  


Avoid single-use packaging or products and start bringing reusables 


Why not carry your own reusable water bottle instead of buying one at the festival, which commonly comes in a plastic bottle? Bringing your reusable drinking container is much less expensive as you can refill it yourself. You may also carry reusable cutleries, you can just clean them up, so you can use them all over again. 


Don’t forget to take your tent with you once the festival is over 


The number of tents that are left on the grounds every year is mind-boggling. The typical tent is equal to 8,750 plastic straws according to BBC. Make sure you pack up your tent and take it to your home when the event is done even if it’s damaged and in need of fixing. The landfill is the sole option for discarded tents and supplies.  


Use cloth instead of wet wipes 


Wet wipes are extremely harmful to the environment because the majority of them are not biodegradable. It’s recommended to bring a cloth instead since you’re able to reuse it by just washing the cloth after every use. You can help the environment by reducing waste. 


Use a biodegradable glitter 


Glitter is made from microplastic. Yes, you read it right! All the shining and shimmering gold that you have been putting on your face and body is plastic. But no worries, because there are now available biodegradable glitters that you can use to have that dazzling and glam style! 


Leave no trace of your trash 


Last but definitely not the least, take all your trash with you before you leave the event. Sort your recyclables from your trash and take any leftover food with you. Gather everything you brought and take all of them as you go home. Especially, tents because they are a major garbage concern for event organizers. 


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