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Tips for People Going to a Concert Alone

Music festivals are great places to relax and get together with friends. However, there will be times when you might not have anyone to go to a specific concert with you. This really sucks when the concert is sold out. But you don’t want to miss out on an opportunity; so what do you do? This blog will zero in on some tips to help people feel less lonely when they’re at a concert.


Don’t think of it as being lonely. There are plenty of other people there who aren’t with their significant other or friends. It’s okay to have fun on your own! Being alone in a concert is not a bad thing. It will be an amazing experience for you.  If there’s an opening act, consider getting there early so that you can get close enough to see them perform without having too many people around.

Look up the setlist ahead of time.  

This is one of the advantages of frequent concert-goers – they look up the setlist! You can do this by visiting fan pages, fan accounts, and even the official website of the band or the artist! Knowing the setlist would help you mentally prepare for what songs are coming up, as well as get excited about hearing your favorites.

Bring merch money. It’s stressful enough trying to figure out which merch items you want and what sizes they come in — so don’t add more stress by thinking about how much cash you should bring with you just in case. A little preparation goes a long way! Since you are going alone, no one would be able to cover for you. Make sure to bring extra cash as there will be booths that would be selling merchandise of your favorite band or artists! They could be quite expensive but the catch is this – they are official merch!

Just have fun! Even if it’s not something your friends would want to do, remember that this is YOUR night out and YOU should enjoy it however YOU want! So, make sure to dance the night out! 


An extra tip: Take advantage of social media. Some people are tweeting about going to the same concert alone. Or you could look up people who are going to the same concert. Make friends beforehand! Nevertheless, you can find the confidence to go to a concert alone. Go get it! 



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