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Why Should You Go To Concerts?

One of the most beautiful experiences is watching your favorite musician perform with his instruments and sing live. Imagine how crazy and thrilled you can be if you see Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, or Coldplay performing live! Isn’t it a dream come true? The artist’s energy, combined with the flawless synchronization of all the tunes can be an incredible experience. Attending live performances is a much more intense experience than listening to Spotify or iTunes. Not only that, the live sights and echoing music, as well as seeing your favorite artists up close and sharing the experience with a large group of like-minded people, add to the whole experience. 


Below are some of the reasons that can justify why there are many people who go to concerts and why you should also experience it too. 


An opportunity to watch your favorite artists perform live in front of your eyes 


Nothing beats when you’re watching your favorite artists singing live and you’re also singing along with them at the top of your lungs. Live performances are more intense and can beat all the music apps on your phone or iPod. Not just that, concerts can bring you to aspects of life that recordings can’t. A fantastic show is more than just wonderful music, but also a performance and a type of entertainment. Music is meant to be listen live and concerts provide you fondest memories. You’ll be able to make new friends and support your favorite artist as well.  


Experience is more valuable than material belongings 


Some people may not agree with this, but all people who love music agree that seeing a live performance would make them happier rather than shopping for material things. According to studies, “our brain treats money like narcotics and prefers to spend money on experiences.” Also, psychologists, Van Boven and Gilovich have published research indicating that consumers typically draw greater satisfaction from experiences than from material possessions.  


It’s good for your health 


Live music increases your mood and gives your body a boost. Attending a concert, according to a study from Imperial College London, reduces the release of stress chemicals like cortisol. Your brain releases endorphins, which are pain-blocking chemicals when you feel delighted at a concert. Eisenberg, who is known as “The Singing Doctor” for writing songs for cancer patients, also said, “Listening to music you enjoy can help you cope with discomfort,”. Attending concerts has numerous health benefits for both our minds and bodies, as well as our hearts. The next time you’re having a difficult time wondering whether or not to purchase the ticket, always remember that it’s beneficial for you. 



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