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EDM, A New Wave of Entertainment

EDM, A New Wave of Entertainment

What is EDM?

EDM or Electronic Dance Music is a new wave of entertainment that is prevalent in clubs, concerts, festivals and events these days. This musical genre is a combination of electro, techno, hip-hop, dance and pop. This modern evolution of music is quite a trend nowadays for it is a great adaptation of today’s ever changing digital world.


What’s with EDM?

While EDM mostly caters to millennials, its undeniable artistic creation attracts the attention of people of all demographics. Its youthful and energizing sound is a big hit to the younger audience while its intricate musical arrangement caught the eye, or dare we say, caught the ear of artists, producers and professionals in the music industry.

As mentioned, EDM is a combination of different genres. Usually, mixing different forms of music lead to a destructive output that just ends up as noise, rather than entertaining music. But with the advent of innovative software, modern technical equipment, and superior musical instruments, somehow, someway a beautiful melody comes up after creatively putting them all together.

The final output of this music collaboration results to a distinct and creative sound that is melodically perfect. Music professionals even break down the segments of EDM songs and see each layer’s effect on people. One layer of music may be thumping beats which gets you energized, another layer may be the guitar instrumentals which makes you feel the song with its called for emotions, while the vocal layer captivates you and makes you sing along. This breakdown is just one example on why this kind of music is very effective thus thriving.

You may have noticed that musicians all over the world are shifting to this genre. Whether they are global popstars or independent artists, they experiment and dive in in creating this sound to communicate well to their fans and of course broaden their audience reach. Hollywood popstars and K-pop idols have proven EDM’s effectivity with their numerous hits.

Touching the hearts of listeners has always been the goal in producing music. But with the birth of EDM, music creators can touch the heart of their hearers while appealing to their artistic and even physical response at the same time. Come to think of it, you don’t see EDM goers just standing and appreciating the songs, they automatically move to the beat, totally captivated by this genius sound.

Why go to EDM Festivals?

A great answer to this question is, why not? EDM Festivals will make not just your artistic side but your–literal blood flow as well.

If you’re the type that appreciates or even critique the beauty of music, this is definitely for you. For this new wave will captivate and boggle your artistic side.

If you’re craving to “YOLO” and dance your way through the night, go to an EDM gig now and absorb its full effect as you groove and enjoy all night.


Work your way to an EDM Festival

EDM festivals are everywhere right now, it may be just around the corner or it can be something you can enjoy in your next trip, holiday or vacation. Feel alive and energized during your free time as you join in the fun and be fully mesmerized with the newest wave of entertainment, EDM!

Stay tuned for upcoming festivals, book, and participate in this great musical experience soon!


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