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Everything You Need To Know When Attending Your First Music Festival

Everything You Need To Know When Attending Your First Music Festival 

Listening to the songs on Spotify can lift your spirits up, but it isn’t enough. Nothing beats when you’re watching your favorite bands and artists live while you’re singing out loud with your friends. It’s so hard to contain the excitement when attending a music festival, but you can be a little bit anxious too especially if it’s your first time. There are some things that you should know and need to prepare so you can have not just a successful, but an amazing music festival experience. 

Sit back and keep reading to know the best tips and tricks for a first-time music festival goer. 

Know all the details 

If it’s a camping festival, prepare by bringing a sturdy tent and a sleeping bag. You can also book a hotel nearby if there’s one. It’s better if you do some research first about where the event will be held because it really depends on the festival you’re going. It’s important to catch some z’s because it will be a long and heavy event. So be prepared, you don’t want to be wide awake 24 hours for being unaware.  

Don’t forget the essential things 

  • Toiletries: This is a must-bring to maintain proper hygiene and to make you feel comfortable too. 
  • Sunblock/sunscreen & sunglasses: Protection against the sun and heat. You don’t want to get burnt. 
  • Phone/Camera: Bringing a phone is of course very important – to snap pictures and shoot videos so you’ll have something to look back on when it’s over. Plus, you might be separated with your friends during the event or in case you get lost. 
  • Portable charger + cord: If your phone gets a low battery, a portable charger or a power bank will save your phone’s life. For sure, you would not want to miss capturing and recording your favorite artist’s performance.  
  • Wallet: Bring the right amount of money with you. There could be a merch where you can buy some t-shirts and whatnots from your favorite bands/artists.  
  • Extra clothing: Bringing spare clothes is also recommended in case you get dirty due to unexpected rain or any incidents because you’ll never know what could possibly happen.  
  • Lastly, a first aid kit: It’s important to keep this in your bag. A small pouch is enough, just in case something happens. It’s better to be safe always. 

Be alert and aware 

You may leave all your valuable things at home because pickpockets and thieves could wander around since it’s a big event and tons of people will attend. Make sure you never leave important things inside your tent especially when you’re not around. You can bring a belt bag to put inside your important stuff. In that way, it’s attached to you and it’s more secure. 


Wear or bring comfortable clothes and any flat shoes. It’s not suggested to wear your best clothes either because it might get dirty later on. You can also bring wellies in case it rains. Regret is the last thing you would want to feel in this amazing experience.  

Make friends with the right people 

If you’re someone who loves to meet new people or make new friends, then this is a perfect place for you. Just make sure they are the right people to be with. Music festivals are very fun to experience, and to be surrounded by lots of people besides your friends is going to be merrier.  

Stay Hydrated 

It’s very usual at festivals that many people would be drinking lots of beers or any liquors. It’s essential to bring your own portable water bottle to prevent you from being dehydrated. You can fill it up at water stations in the venue. It’s also recommended to bring snacks to relieve your hunger pangs. 

Music festivals bring a lot of people together and it’s a great chance to make memories. So, enjoy and have fun! 


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