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Why Listening To Live Music Is Good For Your Health?

Why Listening To Live Music Is Good For Your Health?

Do you know that listening to music has great benefits for your health, mood, and mental clarity? It can lessen blood pressure, anxiety, and pain as well as enhance memory and sleep quality. However, as many of us know, nothing beats witnessing live music in its purest form. “Regularly enjoying live music is the key to establishing a long-term improvement in well-being,” according to a study from Goldsmiths, University of London.  

Here’s why live music can bring good benefits to health: 


Can ease pain  

Music serves as a temporary pain reliever. According to some researchers, listening to music can momentarily divert our attention away from feeling any pain and injuries by stimulating different parts of the brain. It goes the same way with live concerts and other forms of musical entertainment. Endorphins are released as a result of these intense atmospheres at these events and these stop pain impulses from reaching the brain.  


Makes you happier  

When you listen to music, your brain releases dopamine, a happy hormone. It can help you feel more socially connected when attending or going to live music events. There’s a good probability that everyone will be in the same mood – excited and happy. As a result, you’ll be able to build wholesome and healthy relationships with other people by enjoying the company of each other during the event.  


Lowers and relieves stress 

It has been proven that listening to music for an extended period of time will help you relax and relieve stress because it decreases the levels of the stress hormone. For instance, live jazz music has been shown to reduce blood pressure and that is due to its dilating effect on the blood vessels. 


Strengthens memory  

Music is also believed to improve memory. According to studies, it can help you remember and recall information more effectively. Music aids retrieval by giving a rhyme, rhythm, and alliteration which provides clues for retrieving that piece of information. It’s also often employed as a type of therapy for Alzheimer’s patients. It promotes distant memory, which aids in the reduction of confusion in the patient’s immediate surroundings. 


Reduces depression 

Depression symptoms were shown to be reduced significantly in those who listened to classical music. Going to live music performances can help you to cheer up if you’re having a bad day. Live music goers can gain a sense of community as well as become more in tune with their lives and well-being. 


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